Going to the super bowl in a charter jet

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When you think of airline travel you have two choices. You can either fly commercial or you can charter a plane to get you where you want to be. If you’re going on a business trip, chartering a jet can let you conduct meetings and work en route. But what about for a family vacation or a weekend off? Yes, you can charter to this, and what should you charter to football’s biggest game, the Super Bowl? If you don’t live near the stadium where the game is to be played, why not?

Back in the day, the AFC and the NFL were rival leagues but they merged in 1970 to form what we know today as the NFL. While the merger was taking shape, they agreed that the winners of both leagues would play a championship game and the Super Bowl was born. To be fancy and to stand out, each game after was known by the Roman Numeral for its number, all except Super Bowl 50 that used the numeric in their emblem. Another interesting fact about football’s biggest game is that in odd numbered matches the winners of the NFC are granted the home team, while in even numbered games which nod goes to the winners of the AFC.

Additionally it is a neat fact that no team has ever played with a Super Bowl in their home stadium. In fact, there are four groups that have never played that game whatsoever. Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville and the Houston Texans have never got to that exciting final game of the season. Teams that have seen success though include Pittsburgh with 6 wins and Dallas and San Francisco who have 4 wins each.

Thus, if you do not live at the designated Super Bowl city, charter your way there. You will be pleased you did, as you are able to design a schedule, you’ll have lots of leg, shoulder, head and elbow room and you can configure the cabin any way your heart desires. Throw in the lack of long security lines and we have a winner!